Great kid tolerant low key eateries Northern suburbs Melbourne

Oh my. My noisy kids have never been kicked out yet.

  1. Naughty Boy cafe (Carlton) Look up Instashakes.
  2. Barry.(Westgarth) Don’t forget the fullstops
  3. Short Round (Thornbury)
  4. Sookie lala (Thornbury) Americana comfort food. The Reuben, Southern fired chook and waffles, pecan pies, peanut butter choc shakes
  5. Birdie num-nums – sandpit for toddlers out back
  6. Lune Croissanterie (Fitzroy) Join the queue for the most expensive and exquisitely made croissants and more, usually sold out before lunch.
  7. Welcome to Thornbury – flash comfort food truck stop with hipsters, families,grand folks, and four-legged friends
  8. The Food Truck park (Preston) – as above but more rugged with big screen entertainment and large cushions inside

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