The Opening Act: Resilience and Stress

Lets start with resilience.This is a way of buffering against stress.

Now this is a huge topic supported by research with interpretations from various industries. Well renowned emergency medicine bloggers and podcasters talk about building mental toughness, resuscitations are akin to war. We’ve gotta stress inoculate ourselves somehow. Educators are scrambling to figure this out and translate the research and science of this into clinical practice. I’m one of those educators. Practice resuscitations in situ to improved the lived-in experience, but slowly amp it up. Try not to scare off your learners.

This year, my 7 year old daughter’s school is participating in an initiative called the Resilience Project. This project aims to improve the mental wellbeing of young children by provision of strategies. The focus is on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Wow! Easy right? I asked my daughter what resilience meant. Her answer? GEM. But what does that mean? Oh, being nice to people and thinking happy thoughts. So, what if you’re sad? No idea. Right then. Then I look at the school newsletter to obtain inspiration. I am told that the top 3 activities that influence the strength of your emotions are music, exercise and laughter.

“Which of these have you used to re-charge your batteries today?”

Well, today I met some incredible educators that have inspired me to actually start this blog. I may even start a podcast along similar themes. Ok, I didn’t do any exercise today, but I did laugh a lot with my co-educators and my family, and learnt some innovative education ideas. I listened to cheesy tunes on the way home. Lets not forget the Pokemon I caught  – did you know riding in Melbourne’s trams at rush hour are great for doing this safely? I did it for my kids you know. And I’ll go for a run tomorrow with my current favourite run apps.

Please have a look at some of the top 10 lists on this blog, and send me your suggestions. Humans are fickle. Millennial learners get bored easily. The top 3 today will be “so last year” by next week!

Finally, are you okay today?

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  1. couttsra says:

    What would concern me the most is being able to understand the difference between resilience and compassion fatigue. When somehow, in the process of building up a wall around yourself to cope with the trauma, suffering, chaos of our everyday work we lose our humanity. We forget to stop and actually listen to our patients voices, hear what they say to us, engage with them and gain a glimmer of insight into their lives. Learn to truly connect with your patients.


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