Medical Apps

These are mostly for Apple users in Australia, however some are common internationally and across smartphones and platforms.

On shift Reference Apps

  1. AGILEMD (free) – has sub folders with a library where you can search for topics within app that are linked to content sites (eg. ALiEM (Michelle Lin), RebelEM)
  3. The Chief Complaint – Illness scripts, diagnosis by symptoms
  4. PALMEM ($46.99) – quick reference for when stressed
  5. EMRA Basics ($4.49) – for juniors, illness scripts
  6. DrugDoses – Royal Children’s hospital Melbourne drug doses ($7.99)
  7. APLS Australia


Off shift Apps

  1. Overcast: Podcast player – customise for yourself
    1. Free Emergency and Critical Care  –  EMRAP,Emcrit, The Rage Podcast, Rebel Cast, CanadiEM, Blog – PEM ED Podcast, Simulcast, Resuscitation Conference
    2. Paid Emergency and Critical Care Podcasts – EM-RAP, (Paediatric Reviews and Perspectives – basically Paed – RAP)
    3. Free educational,life and mental toughness/psychology podcasts to increase your resilience – Wildcast, Ted Talks, Invisibilia
  2. Downcast
  3. Day One Diary + Journal + Notes ($7.99) – personalised diary consider for self reflection/learning portfolio, keeping track of CME/CPD activities if you can remember to log them in…
  4. Pocket – saves page links/articles to read later, if you have time later
  5. Instapaper – ditto
  6. IFTTT – connects all your various website/apps together
  7. REEDER  3 ($7.99) Really Simple Syndication (RSS) App – helps filter information overload on sites that you follow. Pushes what you want to you, so you don’t have to scroll thru hundreds of tweets/podcasts to fins what you want.Like a daily contents feed.
  8. Twitter – just follow a select few and you won’t be inundated
    1. Emergency and Critical care – @FOAMstarter – beginner’s list of who to follow
    2. Clinical education – @Teach _Institute, @WildcastEM, @SocraticED, @EM_Educator, @srrezaie, @_wsand, @smaccteam, @EMSwami, @_NMay, @ffolliet, @Radiopaedia
    3. Simulation – @HumanFactOrz, @precordialthump, @Inject_Orange, @edexam, @TBLearning

Many thanks to the education team at The Teaching Course DownUnder who shared this with me. In the spirit of FOAM (free open access medical education), I am passing it on! BTW The Teaching Course (TTC) is mandatory for all educators across all health disciplines out there. For learner, TTC have said that The Learning Course is coming.

The Teaching Course


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